Travel Insurance

One of the reasons we travel is to experience the unexpected.  In some cases, the unexpected aren't those amazing, picturesque moments we always dreamed about.  Travel Insurance can cover anything ranging from medical or emergency coverage, trip interruption, or even lost baggage.  The extent of your coverage is entirely up to you, but I would suggest finding a happy medium just in case of emergencies.  The two main reasons I purchased travel insurance was because I had an existing knee injury and that I would be carrying over $2,000 worth of electronics in my bag (camera's, tablet, etc.)

Let's take a look at some of the coverages before we jump into places to purchase.


When purchasing travel insurance, it is very important to read between the lines and the disclaimers.  As we all know, insurance companies will nit pick every scenario so it is best if you know exactly what you're purchasing. 

A trip cancellation or interruption can be very costly while abroad.  Depending on whether you're booking your whole trip before you leave or whether on the run will depend on the amount of coverage you will need.  Since I spent approximately $3,000 before I left I made sure that was covered.  Given I had no time limit on my stay abroad, interruption wasn't a big factor since I could wait a few hours in an airport without really losing anything. 

Emergency medical or dental care can be the difference maker on your trip.  I traveled with people of various injuries, some of which were covered and others who were not.  I personally got ill when in Prague, and it was not fun considering I didn't have the proper coverage and the doctors didn't speak English.  The language barrier can't be avoided, but you can certainly prepare for the bills and treatment if you're covered.

Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage can destroy your time abroad.  Once I was traveling to Aruba for 2 weeks and they lost my only checked bag with all my clothes which took them a week to return to me.  If I had my current travel insurance, I would have been covered and my insurance policy would have reimbursed money for me to purchase items such as a bathing suit.  Airlines can be very rough with your luggage, so if you're bringing laptops or other pricey equipment I would make sure you have it all covered.

If you're renting a car, make sure to include rental insurance on your policy.  Sometimes your car insurance won't cover damage to a rental car if the car was not rented under their policy.  This could end up costing you a fortune even if the accident wasn't your fault! 

Existing medical coverage can be covered, but this tends to jack up the price depending on the injury.  I was stuck on this since I had a knee surgery before I left for Europe so had to purchase the plan.  Just make sure if you have a serious injury that may need attention again to have it covered.  The extra hundred dollars on the plan may save you thousands down the road.

Emergency Evacuation is included on many plans in case you need medical treatment or your children need to be evacuated given you are hospitalized.  I did purchase a basic plan for this just in case but it is not necessary.


Many companies sell Travel Insurance, but I will list out the most notable one's for you to look into.  I personally went with Allianz since their plan best fit my needs and was the only one that covered me for a year under $400.  If you're just traveling for a few weeks, plans will be much cheaper than mine which was based off of a year.

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