Time Warp Netherlands

  • Netherlands

Time Warp Holland 2014

Saturday, 6th of December
Jaarbeurs / Utrecht / Netherlands

Entry at Time Warp is only for adult people (18+), there will be ID-checks at the entrance!

Is there free entry for the escort of severely disabled guests?

The entrance for the escorting person of visitors who are in a wheel chair or carry a severely handicapped pass is free. Please note that most areas, like VIP-Area or Stages, aren't unhampered by barriers and can't be accessed by wheel chairs. Due to this and the heavy security regulations, we can't sell VIP-Tickets to visitors who need a wheel chair.

Will there be a ticket sale at the entry?

There will be a box office, but ONLY in case that Time Warp isn't sold out before hand.

What's the latest time to enter the event?

With the valid ticket you can enter until 5.00 am. After this there's no admittance anymore.

Which items are NOT allowed inside the venue:

  • drugs of any kind
  • weapons of any kind, will immediately be reported to the police
  • weapons not listed by law, yet dangerous (kitchen or pocket knives, etc)
  • professional photo or video equipment
  • medicine in unusual amounts
  • fireworks or pyrotechnic articles
  • markers, permanent marker, felt pens (excluding make up pens)
  • animals in general, excluding guide dogs
  • aerosol cans, inflammable substances, articles hazardous to health (exception: standard pocket lighters)

Is it possible to smoke on the festival ground?

Smoking is allowed outdoor at the festival venue, but not on the dance floors or inside the halls.

Can I order the tickets online only?

To order online is the most convenient and beneficial way. You will save postage and time. You can pay via credit card, giro-pay or automatic debit transfer system. Your data will be securely transferred via SSL-code. Immediately after we received the payment, you will get your ticket via email.

Will there be Lockerboxes?

Yes, we're offering lockerboxes at TW Netherlands. You can rent one for a small fee and put your jackets and bags in there.

Are there group tickets?

Unfortunately we do not sell group tickets. However we offer a special ticket price for bus promoter or bulk orders (min 50 persons). If you are interested please send an email to wir@cosmopop.biz for more information.

Do I have to exchange the group ticket or can I take the print-out with me?

As mentioned within the ticketing section of our website, you have to print the ticket and bring the print-out with you.

Do you know when it will be sold out?

Unfortunately we can not answer this question. But due to the experience of the last years it is very much likely that we will be sold out. We strongly recommend to get your ticket as early as possible.

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