Clothes In My Backpack

Jeans : One pair of jeans will be needed in case there is a chilly night.  I made the mistake of bringing two and it was a complete waste of space.

Shorts : I brought three pairs of shorts with me.

Running Shorts : A pair of running shorts can come in handy throughout your trip.  They can be used to sleep in, hike, or just to lounge around the hostel. 

Bathing Suits :   Three pairs of bathers should be brought, don't want to be in a beach town for a week and have to worry about washing the one pair too often.  They can also be worn during the day when it's raining.

Rain Jacket:  This was one of the most used items I brought with me.  I purchased a very lightweight rain jacket from Marmot and it proved to be priceless.  It's going to rain daily and often, bring a small rain jacket.

Sweatshirt : Bring one that can be tossed around and stained without looking too ratty.  May not be a bad idea to purchase one when you're actually abroad, makes for a great souvenir.

Button Down Shirts / Dresses :  At times during your trip you will either need to get a bit more dressed up, or may just want to.  It's nice to feel like you look presentable for a change!

T-Shirts : I brought six shirts, but wish that I brought a few extra.  With all the rain and sweating during the day, I'd bring upwards of 8.

Underwear : Probably the most important article of clothing.  I opted for 8 pairs, probably would have brought 10 - 12 if I could have fit them.

Socks : Eight pairs should be fine.  Don't forget that you will be wearing your sandals/thongs often.

Bath Towel : A Microfiber towel should be purchased since they are thinner and also dry faster.

Beach Towel : Completely optional, but should be brought if you are doing more of a sun seeker trip where a lot of beaches and lakes will be visited.