Carrying With Me

Passport : The most important item while traveling.  This will be needed everywhere, but I do suggest leaving it locked up when doing day trips from within a country.

Wallet : Generally speaking, men should purchase a small money clip that can hold a decent amount of cash and a few of the necessary cards.  Women have more flexibility since it all depends on the size of the purse they carry, if one at all.

Currency : I suggest pulling out approximately 200 Euro's before you begin your European travel if you are beginning in a country that is in the EU.  This way you don't have to run around for cash once you arrive.  The less you have to worry about your first day the better!

Driver's License : This will be used as a secondary Identification Card to your Passport.  If a hostel requires you to leave an ID card, it is better to leave your Driver's License since it is less vital to your travels.

Debit Card : A debit card is necessary since a lot of places in Central America only take cash.  Make sure you let your bank know which countries you are traveling to so they do not suspend your card while you travel.  Also make sure you research the best card that will limit the amount of fee's you'll pay when withdrawing different currencies from banks outside their network.  See my Banking page for more details.

Credit Card :  Two credit cards should be brought with one of them being left in a locker in case of an emergency.  Both credit cards should be chip readable and not have a currency swap fee's.  See my Banking page for more details.

Health Insurance Card : Your Health Insurance Card should be with you at all times in case of an emergency.  See my Travel Insurance page if you need assistance on choosing the right insurance for your trip.

Mobile Phone :   If you are bringing a phone from home, you must make sure it has international capabilities so you can purchase a European SIM Card.  See my Mobile Phone page for more details on plans and international SIM Cards.

Sunglasses : I suggest bringing one cheap pair of sunglasses.  An expensive pair could easily go "missing" or they will get extremely scratched up from being stored in your bag when not being worn.  Leave the nice pair at home and go with a $5 pair for your trip. 

Belt Recommend bringing a two sided belt since it will have a dual purpose and can match more outfits.  Since you'll be traveling during the summer I would go with a white and black belt.

Ziploc Bag:  Started to carry a Ziploc bag with me in case it started raining.  You can put your wallet and phone in he bag to prevent it from getting wet.