Drive a car in another country (Costa Rica 2015)
Climb an active volcano (Costa Rica 2015)
Go Skydiving (Czech Republic 2013)
See a total eclipse (USA 2017)
Live in another country for a year (Thailand 17/18)
Visit all 7 Continents (4/7)
Visit every country in the world (29/196)
Be a dual citizen
Go horseback riding
See the Northern Lights
Ride in a hot air balloon
Fluently speak a second language
Build my own house

2016 New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

2016 New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Africa (0 for 54 countries)
Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
Camp in the Sahara Desert
Complete one of the many African safari's
See a wild Lion, Elephant, and Cheetah
Climb Table Mountain
Swim in Devils Pool at Victoria Falls
Go Gorilla trekking

Antarctica (No countries in Antarctica, only thing that rules it is science)
Sleep in an igloo
Get up close and personal with the penguins
Go ice fishing
Camp one night on the glacier

Asia (6 out of 47 countries)
Walk the Great Wall of China (China 2016)
Sleep in a capsule hotel (Japan 2016)
Dive in Thailand (2017)
Get a Thai massage (2017)
Dive the Komodo Islands (2018)
Visit Hagia Sophia in Turkey
Visit Nagasaki or Hiroshima
Climb part of Mount Everest
Visit Petra
Eat in an underwater restaurant in the Maldives
Go to Nara and pet the wild deer
Hike the hidden trails in Japan
Dive in the Philippines
Float down Halong Bay
Hike Angkor Wat
Eat crazy bugs in the street markets
Hike the temples of Bagan


Australia / Oceania (1 for 14 countries)
Dive the Great Barrier Reef (2017)
Watch a sunrise and sunset at Uluru (Australia 2017)
See an opera the Sydney Opera House (2017)
Get close to a wild Kangaroo (Australia 2017)
Drive the Great Ocean Road (Australia 2017)
Don’t get stung or bitten by a poisonous animal (so far so good!!)
Hike the Blue Mountains (2017)
Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge (2017)
Party on the Gold Coast (Australia 2017)
See the Twelve Apostles (Australia 2017)
Hike the Daintree Forest

Europe (17 of 43 countries)
Visit the Collosseum in RomeSee (Italy 2013)
Visit Sagrada Familia (Spain 2013)
Go to Tomorrowland (Belgium 2013)
Ride in a Gondola in Venice (Italy 2013)
Go to an ice bar (Italy 2013)
Visit Pompeii (Italy 2013)
Smoke in Amsterdam (The Netherlands 2013)
Have a beer at Oktoberfest (Germany 2013)
Hike to Preikestolen, Norway
Drive a fast car on the Autobahn (sorry the Kia did not count)
Watch a live Soccer game
Stand on Kjeragbolten
Snowboard the Swiss Alps
Visit Stonehenge
Run with the bulls in Pamplona

North America (9 out of 23 countries)
Dog Sled on a glacier in Alaska (USA 2012)
Visit Niagara Falls (Canada 2016)
Surf in Hawaii (USA 2016)
Hike Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast (USA 2016)
Hike every National Park (3 / 59)
Go to every NFL stadium (6/31)
Camp in the Grand Canyon
Swim with the Manatees in Florida
Go to a Superbowl
Ice skate at Rockefeller Center
Hike in Yellowstone
Go to Disney World as an adult without children
See Mount Rushmore
Bike the Pacific Coast Highway
Tailgate the Daytona 500
Snowboard in Colorado


South America (0 out of 12 countries)
Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
See the Angel Falls
Climb Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro
Gaze over Angel Falls
Hike Mount Roraima
See the great stones of Moai
Hang out at Iguaza Falls
Visit Las Lajas Sanctuary
Party at the Brazilian Carnival