Space Hotel - Melbourne

I’ve been staying in hostels for quite a long time now, but Space has thrown me for a loop.  The hostel has so much going for it but just can’t pull it all together.  It absolutely has an identity crisis, is it a hotel or a hostel?!?


First let’s start off with the perfect location of the hostel.  It’s an approximate $50 cab ride from the airport and two blocks away from the main road Swansea.  Also only a 15 minute walk to Federation Square, it really couldn’t have a better location for the price.  It’s also only a few blocks from many of the tram lines, so again there’s not much to complain about here.  

Next let’s discuss the amenities available since there are loads.  The rooftop has unbelievable views of the city, I think only the observation deck can rival this and that cost money.  For a backpacker, free is always better!  There is a gym, but it includes 1 treadmill and a full body workout machine.  Half the machine was broken along with the elliptical, so you weren’t working out unless you were to go for a run.  There’s a movie room which is actually quite nice, though I think that the projector runs at 512k (for those of you who don’t understand resolution that’s half of HD, so shitty).  They could really use an upgrade to make it worth the space, but it is a great idea and they played some sports games which was nice when you’re bored. 


Next we have the kitchen, which I must say blew my mind.  It could easily accommodate the entire hostel and was in fantastic shape.  You would have no issues cooking anything your little heart desired. 

Within the rooms there’s your typical bunk beds which come with a bottom sheet, top sheet and blanket along with your standard pillow.  They’re comfortable enough and get the job done.  There is plenty of room to walk around, and they also have a full-length mirror for you ladies to get ready.  As many of you know, this is one hell of a commodity.  Each of the beds comes with a small reading light which can be dimmed so you don’t wake up your neighbor as well as two outlets.  Last but not least there’s a great size cubby that easily fit both my backpacks.

So here comes the issue, the damn internet.  I don’t know what they were thinking, but the only place to get free internet is in their internet café on the first floor.  The internet is as slow as snails, for instance I’ve been waiting about 12 minutes now for my gmail to load which is infuriating.  They offer “hi-speed” internet for $20 for 4GB but no way to track it.  I apparently ran through the entire 4GBs within my first 24 hours.  I don’t know how this is possible, I don’t use 4GB in a month at home and I was out of the hostel the entire day and didn’t turn it on at night with no streaming media.  Something is off here. 

What they need to do is allow internet throughout the entire hostel, it would allow people to mingle more upstairs instead of people sitting in these individual cubes.  Also, they could have the bar open a bit later than midnight that really kills the vibe.