Useful Apps

There are many apps provided for smartphones that can make your travels A LOT easier.  Feel free to reach out to me through my Contact's tab if there are any applications that you feel should be added. 

Viber : Probably the most well know VOIP app that allows you to call and text for free while you have an internet connection. 

GroupMe : If you are traveling in a group, this may be the best app to use to keep everyone informed of what the plan is.  In this application, all of your friends can be added to a group and you can message between each other.  An internet connection is required.

Whatsapp : In this app you can call or text any of your contacts for free as long as you have an internet connection.

Tango This app is great because you are able to face-time when calling, and you can also create group texts as well as singles.

Skype : Will allow you to face-time your contacts for free while you have an internet connection.

City Maps 2Go : Allows you to download 5 free maps before you need to purchase it for $2.00.  A fantastic app because once you download the map it does not require an internet connection to view it. 

TripAdvisor : A great way to get reviews on possible tourist destinations before you reach the city.

Hostelworld : I feel this is the best application to use for purchasing your hostels while abroad. 

Skyscanner : An incredible application that takes all major airline companies and finds the cheapest flights or combinations of flights to reach your destination.  I used this app for all my airline purchases and never found another website that had a lower fare.

Hotel Tonight : Find last minute hotel rooms at a discounted price.  Personally, I don't enjoy staying in hotels since it's more difficult to meet people but to each their own. 

Airbnb : This website and app allows you to rent places from other people when they are out of town.  Have had many great experiences especially when I have a larger group to travel with.

Couchsurfing: I have personally never couch-surfed before but have heard mostly good reviews on the app and its 'surfers'.  Couchsurfing allows you to connect with people at your destinations, link up and have a free place to crash.  It's great for meeting locals as well as budget traveling, but you must rely on others schedules.

MAPS.ME : Application that allows you to download maps before you reach your destination.

Alipay : The premier app in China, used to purchase everything from food to your electric bill.  Although it would have made my trip easier, I did not use Alipay because some of us had difficulty linking our credit cards.  Not to worry if you can't use it, everywhere in China accepts cash.

ExpressVPN : The #1 rated VPN currently out on the market.  A VPN is VERY important when traveling to China because once enabled it allows you to access many of the sites you're used to using (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google).  They have a 30 day trial period, feel free to cancel it before the 30 day mark for no charge!

WeChat : China's version of Whatsapp.  It's a communication app that allows you to text and call via the application for free.  Only needed when in China. 

Google Trips : My new favorite travel app!  Google Trips allows you download your destination before you get there and map out famous destinations.  You can then save the directions on your phone so that you don't need to waste data.  The perfect new age app for making travel easy!

Lounge-Buddy : This new application has the worlds airport lounges saved and how to access them.  For those who travel with fancy credit cards, you can put your credit card into the app and it will tell you which lounges you can access.  I first used this in 2016 and found out that I could use many of the United lounges for free, saving me money in the airport on food and drinks. 

Currency Exchange : Choose any currency app that is free before leaving.  This will be beneficial for you to check exchange rates while you're in the country to ensure that you're receiving fair value for your money. 

Duolingo : Language application that has basic skills to learn before you arrive.  Easily learn the basics so that you can communicate in your home away from home.