Away - The Carry-On

When arriving at your gate, one of the first things that people do is either look for an outlet or pick up food for the flight.  Many times my phone is drained since I've been using it all day.   When going to recharge my items before the flight I often find that all the outlets are taken.


I heavily rely on my phone during transit so will then have to dip into my spare power-bank to get me back up to full.  This is now all irrelevant, as the new Carry-On from Away has a built in power-bank that can recharge your phone multiple times!  The reason for excitement is that I love products that cover multiple functionality.  This is a well made suitcase that allows me to now toss my larger power-bank and only carry the small one for my backpack while doing day trips at my destinations.  That's a savings of approximately a pound, and if you haven't seen yet I value every ounce I can get back. 

It's rare that I travel with a carry-on since I do prefer the backpack route, but this is always my preferred carry-on when ditching the backpack for lighter trips.  The bag also comes in multiple sizes, so be sure to check you purchase the one that will fit in your overhead compartments. 

Additional features of the Away Carry-On is that they have an exceptional warranty, cheaper than average prices for an upper tier bag, and a TSA approved lock to once again eliminate another item off your list.  I highly recommend this bag due to the features and lower price tag.