Humangear GoToob Bottle

You have finally arrived at your destination after 20 hours of exhausting traveling and want to take a quick shower before journeying out to explore your new destination.  Drop your bag, grab your microfiber towel and toiletry kit and hit the communal showers.  Once you're in the shower you open up your toiletry kit and there it is, an explosion of shampoo.  Not only do you now have to clean it all out, you're traveling on a budget and didn't expect this additional cost.  Not to mention you now have to spend precious time to locate a store to refill the bottle. 

I'm sure we've all been in this position at some point or another and thought, "I wish there something out there that wouldn't leak."  At first I tried purchasing shampoo and toothpaste bottles with twist tops.  This worked well in the beginning, but it was very difficult to refill them along the way and cost much more for the travel size than it would for a large bottle.  We want to travel with TSA approved bottles, 3 fl. oz. or less, is because it allows us to carry them on our flights and also fits into our toiletry kits. 

The toiletry kit is the one thing every backpacker utilizes.  It's tightly packed and bulky, causing it to be squeezed into a small space within our bag.  I would argue it's also the most important part of my bag since I use it every day. 


So how do we fix this issue of a leaky bottle that won't cost me an arm and a leg while I travel?  In comes the Humangear GoToob Bottle, perfectly sized at 3 fluid ounces and packaged with three bottles.  I'm a male with little hair, showering at least once a day.  Each bottle lasts me approximately a week and a half, so the three bottles will last a month before needing to be refilled.  You don't want to carry any more because that's unnecessary weight, you also don't want to carry much less if you're traveling for extended periods of time because you don't want to waste precious time visiting a convenience store for supplies.  Also note, many times you'll spend unnecessary money because you can only find larger bottles.   

So what makes this bottle so special?  First and foremost, it doesn't leak!  The Humangear GoToob Bottle comes with anti-drip valves that easily dispense your shampoo and includes integrated rubber seals to prevent leaks.  The silicon tubes are easily washed as well as dishwasher safe.  Each bottle only weighs in at 2 ounces, meaning that they're lighter than your typical shampoo bottle of the same size. 

I decided to bite the bullet and pick up the three pack at REI for $25.95 before heading out on my trip to Asia.  Was a little nervous at first considering the first leg of the trip had two flight transfers and a lot of ground transportation, but if you're going to spend the money you want it to handle rough conditions.  I was very happy when I arrived at my hostel that the bottles held together for the 24 hour journey.  They not only survived the first leg of the trip, they survived the entire month long journey throughout Asia without any setbacks.  Not one leak.  I've now had the bottles for six months and use them every weekend, still operating flawlessly. 

They're lighter, more durable, easier to clean, and don't leak!  They can serve multiple uses by filling them with shower gel, shampoo, lotions, or even toothpaste to clean up your toiletry kit and make life easier.

My Review - This is a must have item for every backpacker.