Alright so again it has been quite a while since I have blogged.  I can now say that over 3 weeks into my trip I know how this whole travel thing works.  I wake up every morning with one thing on my list “not give a fuck”.  If you ever watch Avicii & Nicky Romero’s music video for “I could be the one” that is pretty much the life I am living right now. 

So I woke up one morning in Valencia and received a text from a friend in Croatia who told me that I needed to travel out to Serbia and Slovenia with them to go canyoning.  Canyoning seemed cool, so what the hell I bought a ticket.  I flew all the way across Europe which at the time seemed like a stupid idea, but this is exactly what I needed.

Arriving in Serbia proved that I was finally in the right mind frame to travel the world.  I am no longer home sick, each day passing with a new adventure and new people to meet.  Slovenia was absolutely terrific.  Canyoning was insane too!  Nothing better than climbing, cliff jumping, and sliding down narrow canyons to make your way through the mountains.  We even did white water rafting and rock climbing which was more intense than anything I have ever done in the states. 

After going through Lake Bled and dominating all of our adventure sports, we traveled back to Ljubljana to have a nice meal and get some sleep.  Ljubljana is a very pretty city, not too much going on but the meals were terrific and it was fun just to have a few cocktails by the waterway.  It’s time for me to head on a flight to Madrid and then catch a bus to San Sebastian.  Maybe sit on the beach there for a few days, eat a few nice meals and meet up with some friends as they wrap up Pamplona’s running with the bulls.  They say there are 2,000 Busabout people in San Sebastian right now so I am super excited.

Until next time…. “We’re never going home!”

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