Looking back at Barcelona, I noticed that my first impression didn't capture what the city was truly about.  Barcelona reminded me of a Spanish speaking NYC, but to be honest it was more than that.  The architecture of the city is outstanding, and Gaudi's work is a must see. 

Arriving in Barcelona was a bit difficult for me.  I just left all my new friends in Croatia and am about to start over new.  Nowhere near as hard as the first day of my trip, but it was kind of upsetting to know that I wouldn't know a single person again.  But, traveling has its way of surprising you!  Traveling by yourself, you need to find ways to introduce yourself to other single travelers.  Some of the best ways to do this are to join the hostels free walking tours or their happy hours.  Much to my surprise, one of the guys I met in Croatia was at the happy hour which really helped initiate conversations with other travelers in the hostel. 

That night about twenty of us went out on a bar crawl throughout the city.  After a few too many drinks, I actually got left at one the bars.... haha.  This is where I learned that by meeting locals in the city, you learn more about it than any traveler.  I ended up speaking (or trying to speak) with the locals for about 4 hours in one of these hole in the wall pubs. 

The next couple of days I ended up spending most of my time with these five Aussie guys I met in the hostel.  We ended up hitting Opium one night which was an awesome club, but nothing different than you would find in NYC.  The Sagrada Familia was an amazing sight, possibly the most beautiful building I have ever seen in my life and it isn’t even completed yet! 

Next stop is Valencia for two nights!

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