Montenegro - Life At Its Winest

I ended up tagging along with Amy and Mary to make a day trip over to Montenegro.  This trip cost us 360 Kuna’s ($70) which was an absolute steal!  The two stops on the tour were Kotor and Budva and the tour would last us about 10 hours.  Kotor was beautiful, and climbing the wall was quite a workout.  To be honest, we only made it halfway up due to a limited amount of time and I kind of wish we had more than an hour and a half in the city.  From Kotor we drove over to Brudva and stopped to take pictures at some beautiful beaches and islands.  Let me tell you, these pictures just don’t capture the sights.  All of these cities are surrounded by stone walls to protect them from invasions and it’s amazing how they were able to build these so long along.  In Brudva, we had a nice lunch on the water and the girls took a dip in the water.  Lunch was very entertaining, due to quite a language barrier I received white wine when I asked for wifi… lol.  I think he just really knew what was on my mind.  Out in Europe though, wine is practically the same price as water.  It’s hard for Aussie’s and Americans on the trip to get used to not receiving free tap water with our meals since we have laws at home ensuring this is provided for us.  The lunch was amazing though, we ate mussels and had a pork chop stuffed with cheese and bruschetta.  The pork chop was 14 euro’s with white wine, need I say more...  Montenegro in a whole was pretty cheap just as Croatia was.  Even in the touristy area’s I spent a lot less money than I would have in a day at home, and we partied like there was no tomorrow, just as we do at home. 

Next post will try and sum up my stay in Dubrovnik, which could have possibly be one of the most breathtaking cities I will ever see.