Dubrovnik - Beauty Beyond The Walls

I have written this post about twelve times now, trying to capture all of my feelings so you can get a feel of how much this city has meant to me.  Dubrovnik was the turning point of my trip, where I was able to party in atmosphere’s unknown to myself and enjoy the company of others who I will always cherish.  The first night in Dubrovnik pretty much sums up how a traveler should live their days and why people should branch out of their comfort zone and experience new places. 

On this first night, my Busabout boat and I decided to go to Culture Club Revelin which is INSIDE the city walls.  Yes, it is literally within the stone walls with amazing acoustics.  Sebastian Ingrosso was spinning, and we were able to purchase tickets for $30 on a tour discount.  We entered the club with approximately 40 of us from the boat tour and absolutely raged.  I met two American girls, and between the two of them, two guys Bryan and Tom who I met along the way, I ended up changing my itinerary to stay in Dubrovnik for another 3 days. 

Leaving out many of the fine details, I ended up walking Amy back to her hostel around 4am after the show was over.  Now Amy’s sense of direction is, for a lack of better words, terrible.  We walked around Dubrovnik for approximately 2 hours, climbing all the stairs and trying to speak Croatian to the locals in order to find our way.  This was an epic failure, and needless to say we never found the hostel. 

When I woke up the next morning, I decided that I had to stay in Dubrovnik for another few days.  Determined to find the hostel that I never found the night before, I booked out a room.  Was able to find the hostel after about 45 minutes in the daylight, which was hidden in the corner at the top of the city.  Grabbed some lunch with Bryan, Amy and Mary then toured the city walls and fort.  Magnificent site to see, and everyone reading this needs to make their way to this city in order to see what the walls have to offer. That night, Croatia became part of the European Union and the entire square was closed off with a concert with a famous Croatian singer.  Really blessed to have been present for this and seen a monumental time in their history.  Woke up in the morning and went to Montenegro which was summed up before this post.  After we returned, the five of us decided to take the cable car to the top fortress above the Old Town.  Purchasing a bottle of wine for each of us, we sat there and watched the sun set behind this city.  I honestly can’t describe this night to you, had to be one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen coupled with some of the best people I have ever met.

The next day the girls and Bryan left to go on their own journeys, leaving Tom and I to roam the city and hit the rocky beaches.  We quickly met new Aussie friends who we went bar hopping with.  Now to describe Tom in a nutshell, he is a Norwegian who looks exactly like the main guy from Grease.  So much so that they change the song when he comes into a bar to Grease Lightning.  At the Sky Bar, we were getting Gin Buckets for about $15 which contained 6 shots in each.  I had 3, Tom doubled me up by having 6.  No idea how the hell we functioned after this, but we managed to make it to Revelin again and party all night.  Taught our new companions the infamous bunny hop and peacock dances which I am hoping will catch on thanks to Young and Carlos.

Calling it a night was difficult for me know that I was heading to Barcelona in the morning, but I guess there could be worse things in life.  Croatia was one hell of an experience, and I would absolutely consider coming back before I conclude my journey in Europe.  This experience, and the people who I shared this country with, will forever have a place in my heart.  Now it is time for the backpacking to begin, here I come Spain!